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    Installing these on Linux is fairly easy. First you need to know how you want to install it. There are really two options. Both options require you to unpack the file.

    Option one: If you want it to be globally available, meaning available to any user that logs into the system. You need to put it in a global folder, on my system this is /usr/share/gimp/2.0/ but you also need to put it in its respective folder. If its a brush it goes under brushes, if its a script it goes under scripts, etc.. For this option you may need superuser access. This may help… Press Alt + F2 in the run dialog type ‘gksu nautilus’ without the quotes. At this point you should be asked for a password to allow you access to superuser status.

    Option two: This is what I do as I only have one user on my computer and no one else is allowed to touch my main computer. For this method you only need access to your personal home directory so superuser status is not required. All you have to do here is unpack the contents of the compressed file to /home/$USER$/.gimp-2.6/*** BEFORE YOU TYPE THIS PLEASE READ ON. Replace $USER$ with your username and replace *** with the type of content you are unpacking, scripts go in scripts and fonts go in fonts, etc…

    Oh and the big thing about Linux is that IT IS CASE SENSITIVE. If one of these directories are not found you may have a capitol letter where it shouldn’t be.

    Linux is that hard to understand, most people have never taken the opportunity to try it. It is getting to a point where it’s no longer consider just a geeks OS. Ubuntu has made Linux a lot easier. If you have any problems with any of the above information please feel free to leave a comment on my here or my blog. I can’t guarantee that I will have time to help you but I will try. Thanks for the plug Kat. You are one of my top blogs to watch, I love all the gimp stuff! Hopefully in the future I will have more time to write some gimp articles but right now I can barely keep up with getting shots edited, posted and blogged.

  • Kat Landreth

    Thank you so much for the info DM|ZE! I didn’t realize you were on a linux machine. I’ll point the tutorial to your comment right now.

    I don’t think linux/unix etc is geeky. I’ve never used linux so I don’t really get the lingo… I have to get my hands on something before I really understand it. I really appreciate you explaining the plugin installation process, as well as mentioning brushes, and scripts. My tutorials for installing those are coming soon. Promise!

    I think some people might get turned off from linux b/c they assume they won’t know enough to be able to use it, and I think the same thing happens with GIMP. Insider lingo can make it seem more complex than it really is. And then there’s the tutorials that are unnecessarily complicated. I’ve read tutorials on how to use the pen tool that go into understanding the mathematics of bezier curves… but you don’t have to know that to draw an outline around something, ya know? I’m just trying to take the “Geek” out of GIMP and make it accessible for anyone.

    Thanks for the props! (I know, I’m stuck in the 90′s) Talk to you soon, and thanks again. You’ve really been helping me out lately!

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