• Gary

    Great article!  Just one question.  How would you photograph an object from directly overhead (bird’s eye view), as opposed to a front view?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mark-Turner/1516975798 Mark Turner

    Turn the light tent on it’s back. You’d probably need to spread the three lights around to minimise shadows but it should work.

  • Laura

    I am so happy to have found this article! It is very informative and has helped me a great deal! I am ordering the bulbs from Amazon tomorrow and will use your link to do so! Thank you so much for posting such an informative guide!

  • John Capellan

    Great article! I have had a problem with taking pics in a lightbox for my jewelry, it comes out with blueish/gray lines running up/down the pic. I have tried several types of bulbs and background. I have also taken the pics with an ipod, cell phone and point and shoot camera. Can it be the white balance settings?

  • A & M Ball Pythons

    Thank you so much for this article! The tips and suggestions have definitely helped me get better pictures of our snakes. My biggest mistake, was not using a custom white balance…such a simple solution.

  • UPphotographics

    Really appreciate the article – thanks for all the help thus far. One questions from me… I’m shooting products in a 3′ x 3′ box, and due to their size I end up with the joint/corner in most of my shots. I can’t seem to wash this out by just adjusting the lighting, so is there another option? (Other than a larger lightbox).

  • Charles

    Turn the box on its side.

  • Meagan Claire

    I have this same problem! I’d love to find a solution. I originally used three desk lamps and three daylight bulbs, and the photos didn’t have the lines, but they also weren’t looking right. So I bought three clamp lights with reflectors, and the lines suddenly appeared. All of the other conditions were the same except for the clamp lights.

  • Meagan Claire

    Here’s a test shot showing the lines I’m talking about. Any ideas? I’m using an iPhone and wondering if the metal clamp list are causing interference.