• Gary

    Great article!  Just one question.  How would you photograph an object from directly overhead (bird’s eye view), as opposed to a front view?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Mark-Turner/1516975798 Mark Turner

    Turn the light tent on it’s back. You’d probably need to spread the three lights around to minimise shadows but it should work.

  • Laura

    I am so happy to have found this article! It is very informative and has helped me a great deal! I am ordering the bulbs from Amazon tomorrow and will use your link to do so! Thank you so much for posting such an informative guide!

  • John Capellan

    Great article! I have had a problem with taking pics in a lightbox for my jewelry, it comes out with blueish/gray lines running up/down the pic. I have tried several types of bulbs and background. I have also taken the pics with an ipod, cell phone and point and shoot camera. Can it be the white balance settings?

  • A & M Ball Pythons

    Thank you so much for this article! The tips and suggestions have definitely helped me get better pictures of our snakes. My biggest mistake, was not using a custom white balance…such a simple solution.

  • UPphotographics

    Really appreciate the article – thanks for all the help thus far. One questions from me… I’m shooting products in a 3′ x 3′ box, and due to their size I end up with the joint/corner in most of my shots. I can’t seem to wash this out by just adjusting the lighting, so is there another option? (Other than a larger lightbox).

  • Charles

    Turn the box on its side.

  • Meagan Claire

    I have this same problem! I’d love to find a solution. I originally used three desk lamps and three daylight bulbs, and the photos didn’t have the lines, but they also weren’t looking right. So I bought three clamp lights with reflectors, and the lines suddenly appeared. All of the other conditions were the same except for the clamp lights.

  • Meagan Claire

    Here’s a test shot showing the lines I’m talking about. Any ideas? I’m using an iPhone and wondering if the metal clamp list are causing interference.

  • Sabrunto

    Most Likely a problem setting the shutter speed as it does not match the CFL frequency. Unless you have an app on your phone where you can change shutter speed, that’s pretty much what will happen every time. Use different lightbulbs.

  • Me

    Use poster paper as a backdrop. The paper curve eliminates the joint/corner. Lay it in so one edge of the paper is at the horizontal top back edge of the box, and the paper falls down the back and across the bottom of the box.

  • Herman

    Great article..!! thanks man…

  • http://lifeliftoffblog.blogspot.com/ Marcee Rodgers

    Followed your instructions and was finally able to get a good photo with my lightbox! Increasing my Exposure Comp and creating a custom WB made a huge difference.